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Blue Line Club

Click on the documents below to learn more about the Blueline Club and to join!

Blueline Lifetime Members

Joe and Kerry Trudeau
David and Mary Bjarnason
Dan and Sharon Helwig
Joe and Lory Pajac
Paul and Alice Kapla
Mark and Nancy Haferman
George and Janis Hoehn
Henry and Robin Immerfall
Brad and Nancy Hafermann
Tony and Mary Mechiori
Tim and Cindy Federwitz
Ken and Cheryl Gorski
Bruce and Nadene Lautenschlager
Chuck and Joanne Strachan
Tom and Bonnie Umhoefer
Doug and Julie Seehafer
Peter and Kathy Stamas
Pat and Vicky Esser
Steve Bradley
Jim Thiel
Joan Thiel
Matt and Margo Berrier
Lori Remeika and Craig Wolfe
Bill and Carolyn Yanke
Ken and Brenda Baur
Julie and Jeff Graves
Bill and Nanette Schwantes
Todd and Mary Besler
Dave and Jean Wunrow
Jeff and Cindy Nikolai
Evan and Karna Sandok
Jack and Cindy Bremer
Pat and Jeanne Schreiner
Don and Millie Larson
Jamie Hall
Maddie Hall
Kaytrina and Chad Freidli
Dan and Sharon Copet
Scotty and Lisa Berg
Mark and Patty Wittman
Mark and Jessica Wellens
Wayne and Denise Stanek
Mike and Marliss Trudeau
Tim and Stephanie Spaeth
Eric and Amy Gruen
John Baur and Karmen Gorman
Dave and Julie Weister
Scott and Diane Boson
Ken and Anna Olm
Tara and Jim Maki
Scotty’s Pizza and Chicken
Lifetime Shingles LLC
Jim and Stephannie Halvorsen
Scott and Andrea Petersen
Nelson Spindler
Bill and Dawn Urban

Charles and Heidi Kenny