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MYHA Coaches Page

Welcome to the MYHA Coaches Page


Returning coaches, and those needing refresher on modules, USA Hockey has changed platforms.  please see  and complete your modules ASAP before the change.  This has to be done before you take to the ice.

We would like to welcome back all returning MYHA coaches, and invite ANY adult who is interested in coaching to join us this season.

If you have a desire to help out our youth, whether you've played pro hockey, or have never played at all, please consider joining our coaching staff.

Registration for coaching clinics are simple, AND ARE REIMBURSED BY THE ASSOCIATION (sorry, only the clinic is reimbursed, NOT mileage, meals, etc.,).

Clinics are one day/level, which will allow you to help coach 6U-Bantams.  If you want to help out in just the 6U/8U, you need a level 1 certification.  Squirts, level 2, Pee Wee and Bantams, level 3.  You MUST take your level 1 before you will be allowed to progress to level 2, so on and so forth.  So if you are a new coach, and want to help out at the Squirt level, you need to take BOTH level 1 and 2.  Pee Wee or Bantam, ALL 3 levels.  Dates, times, and locations are listed in the link below.