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MYHA Absentee Ballot Policy


** MYHA Voting by Absentee Ballot Policy
Voting for MYHA Board members occurs at the annual banquet as per the MYHA Constitution. However, there may be a need for a member to vote by absentee ballot. The following guidelines will then be followed:
1. Two weeks prior to the annual meeting, a written request will be sent to the MYHA secretary from the member requesting an absentee ballot. A self-addressed stamped envelope will also be included with the request.
2. Upon receipt of a request, the MYHA secretary will send a voting ballot to the member using the pre-addressed stamped envelope sent with the request.
3. All ballots must be returned or postmarked at least three days prior to the annual meeting. Ballots may be returned to the MYHA secretary in a sealed plain envelope. The voter's name shall not appear on the envelope of the absentee ballot to ensure anonymity. All plain envelopes will be put into the voting box and counted with the ballots at the annual meeting.