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2018-19 MYHA Board of Directors and Officers

John Kinning


Phone: 715-660-0246

Bjorn Gilbertson

Vice President

Phone: 715-305-8299

Brian Hoerneman

Board Member and Bantam Team Liaison

Phone: 715-207-7377

Brooke Anderson

BOARD MEMBER and 6U Skater Liaison

Phone: 715-441-0477

Charlie Wendlandt

Board Member

Jim Halvorsen


Phone: 715-305-1035

Lindsay Meissner

Board Member

Melissa McConnell


Paul Fischer

Board Member

Stephannie Halvorsen

Board Member

Phone: 715-305-3015

OK, you're in goal. Crosby, Suter, Toews and Ovechkin each get two shots. How many would you stop?