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MYHA Scrip Fundraising Information

Participation in this program is voluntary.  Scrip is a gift certificate/gift card purchase program. These cards are equivalent to, and are used just like cash. We offer MYHA families a broad selection of gift cards for purchase at their full retail value. MYHA is able to purchase the cards at a discount and the difference between the face value and the discounted purchase price is the profit amount. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be 60% credited to the skater’s account; and 40% to MYHA.

Scrip gift cards may be used to pay for your own purchases or given as gifts. An easy way to offset your skater’s fees is to use Scrip for your everyday purchases such as food, gas, clothes, hotels, and home remodeling. They are also the perfect gifts for everyone you know.  Each merchant has its own rules that dictate how and when gift cards may be used.
Scrip is sold on selected days year round. Click HERE for a schedule. For any questions, please call or text Steph Halvorsen at 715-305-3015, or e-mail to:
For detailed information about how Scrip works or the usage guidelines for a specific merchant, please visit
Please note that the list of retailers and percentages is subject to change and that discount percentages offered by Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) may vary from the time we prepare our order forms until the actual order is placed. Please use the current order form to ensure that you are getting the appropriate credit for your order. The actual discount percentage will be the prevailing discount on the day the MYHA order is placed with GLSC.