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MYHA Volunteer/Work Hours

Volunteer Hour Questions?

Please contact Amy Dean Wojcik at if you have questions regarding your volunteer hour requirements.  Or you may call or text her at 715-630-9226.


Volunteer Team Spreadsheet: Contact your Team Rep to record your hours or verify your total hours worked.

6U 8U
Squirt A Squirt B
Pee Wee Bantam A
Bantam B Tiger JV
Tiger Varsity  


Volunteer Hour Requirements

The Marshfield Youth Hockey Association is strictly a volunteer organization.  Every family therefore is required to volunteer some time to help run our program.  The requirements are as follows: 

a)   All FIRST YEAR families at ANY AGE LEVEL are required to perform 12 volunteer hours during the season.  These 12 hours will be divided into 8 Concession work hours and 4 Game duty hours.  All volunteer hours may be spent in Concessions, if desired.

b)   Returning families of older skaters are required to put in 22 hours (Single Skater)/up to 40 hours (Multiple Skaters) per season of which 12 hours are in the concession stand.

c)   Remaining volunteer duties include: Coaching, Board Member, Zamboni driver, Game Duties such as: penalty box, scorekeeping, and timekeeping.  The Board of Directors may grant exemptions for work hours to those individuals who take on duties designated by the board and considered vital to the operation of MYHA. Such exemptions may include duties on a MYHA committee, or work performed as part of maintenance or improvements to the Ice Arena. Such exemptions are at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

d)    buy-out option from the non concession volunteer hour requirements is available for $30/hour.

e)   A buy-out option for concessions requirement only is available for $450.  Note:  If you buy out of concessions, deduct 12 hours from your required hours.  (Example: 22 hrs required minus 12 hrs concession buy out still leaves 10 required work hours.)

f)      All volunteer hour obligations must be met by April 30 prior to the next season’s registration.

g)    SPRING/FALL JOBS   All MYHA families (with the exception of First Year Families and families where the only skater is a graduating Tiger or Co-op skater), regardless of buy outs and exemptions are required to complete a Spring/Fall Job.  Most jobs are one hour in length and some jobs such as fall ice making require a commitment.  Sign up is in February/March.  There is a $75 fine for those that do not sign up or help with a job.  Jobs in Spring involve getting cleaning the rink and getting it ready for turn in.  Fall jobs are ice making and getting the rink ready for opening.  Remember, if you skip out on the job you will levied a fine, but in doing so, you are putting the burden of work on other families! 


Each family is assigned 12 concession hours, (1st Year Families 8 hours).. You are responsible for your own replacement if you cannot work the assigned shift(s). Failure of you or your replacement to show up for your shift will result in a $75 fine per occurrence. This fine is separate from the work hours fine.   Concession buyout is available for $450.