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ADM Program Info / Practice Plans

ADM Program

The success and health of our association depend on our efforts at the youngest skater levels.  The ADM program has helped our association by improving skater retention, ensuring continuity and organization, and given our skaters the best possible skill instruction.  THIS PROGRAM DEPENDS ON VOLUNTEERS!  The practices are fast paced, highly organized and we need as many on-ice and off-ice volunteers as possible.  In particular, we depend on the volunteers who are on the ice.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER!  Volunteers need no special skating skills, only a passion for hockey and enough patience to maintain the practice structure with children 8 years old and younger.



What should I expect if I volunteer?

You would be expected, at most, to be able to run one of the six stations at the practice.  At the least, you would be expected to help with the set up of ice dividers, nets, cones, and other items.

For the most part, our volunteers will be asked to run one of the fun game stations.  The more skill intensive stations will usually be run by a regular mite coach or a high school player.  Although it is helpful to be able to demonstrate what will be happening at your station, it is not entirely necessary.